Speaking of abortion …

All the uproar on social media this week over the Kermit Gosnell trial has kept the whole abortion issue heavy on my mind, and frankly, thank goodness for social media. Because the mainstream news outlets certainly aren't talking about it. I checked CNN.com. Nothing. I checked Google News. Nothing. I checked BBC.com. Nothing. Unbelievable. But... Continue Reading →

On Abortion

Excuse me while I interrupt your day for a minute. And to give you fair warning, this won't be an enjoyable post. Actually, posting something like this as I'm resuming my blog is probably kind of stupid. I'm sure I'll lose potential readers. People don't want to read stuff like this. But after reading this... Continue Reading →

Freedom, My Butt

You see the new widget over there to the right of this post?Normally I try to stay away from anything remotely political. You know how I feel about politics. I know there are a million different opinions on a million different issues and it is a rare thing when a political discussion doesn't end with... Continue Reading →

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