Celebrating Year One

Last weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary with a weekend away on the Western Slope, near Gunnison, CO. Okay first of all, how have I lived in this state my whole life and never spent any time on the other side of the mountains?! It's unbelievably gorgeous. It's a totally different kind of beauty... Continue Reading →


Nine years ago today was my first day at Compassion. Seriously? It feels like just last week I wrote this.It's been one wild ride!

Happy Birthdayversary!

Today is Chris' birthday. (Happy Birthday, Baby!)It also happens to be a year ago was our first date. (Happy Anniversary, too!)In honor of that, I will post my favorites of the engagement photos we took recently.Our friend Sara took the pictures. Aren't they great?


Today is my 8th anniversary at Compassion.Eight years. It's hard to believe I've worked here for almost a third of my life. It's getting the point where it's hard to remember life before Compassion, actually.A little background for you ...I spent the last semester of college living in downtown Chicago. I was an intern in... Continue Reading →

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