On Turning 35

I'm 35 today. I was thinking yesterday about my last milestone birthday. I took a vacation to Hawaii with some friends. It was an awesome way to celebrate 30. But one of the reasons I decided to take a trip was so that I wasn't disappointed with whatever people did (or didn't) do for my... Continue Reading →

Something Tangible About Heaven

Today would have been my dad's 61st birthday. Of course, we are going to get ice cream tonight to remember him. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way.Five years ago I wrote a post for his birthday, not having any idea that I would only have two more birthdays with him.I'm going to repost... Continue Reading →

Party Time!

Tomorrow we have our party-for-the-wedding-that's-not-a-shower. There will be men there, specifically Chris, and I've been informed that men "don't do showers."So it's a ... party. Yeah. A party.I told him there would be lots of food there and that convinced him. He said he'd eat himself into a coma.Seriously, though, I'm finally getting excited! Things... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthdayversary!

Today is Chris' birthday. (Happy Birthday, Baby!)It also happens to be a year ago was our first date. (Happy Anniversary, too!)In honor of that, I will post my favorites of the engagement photos we took recently.Our friend Sara took the pictures. Aren't they great?


Happy Birthday, John. May this year bring you peace and happiness like you've never known. Thanks for making great music.

Birthday Party, Doggie-Style

We're a bunch of single people and DINKs. We have dog birthday parties.Cause that's how we roll.Havana, ready to get her party on.The labs came in every color.This is Tucker. He and Havana are an item.Obviously.This was Belle's first party. Actually, her first anything. She just came home yesterday. What a way to start life.Toby,... Continue Reading →

My Mom

It's my mom's birthday today.She and I have always shared a special connection. I don't know if it has something to do with me being the oldest child or first daughter or if it's something more ... supernatural. All I know is that my mom and I share a bond like I have with no... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Update

So. It's been a few days. But I have some news for you ...1. This is Hawaii week! (Ok, that's not news. I've already blabbed about it enough.) I've been checking the weather online daily, and although it's supposed to rain a lot while we're there, they keep adding more and more sunny days. WOOHOO!... Continue Reading →

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