I Need a Vacation

Sorry for the slowdown in postings lately. I was getting on a roll with regular posts but suddenly life is getting in the way. I've been a bit overwhelmed with it, to be honest. I have a new position at work ... I'm now a member of the web team. Okay you can stop laughing... Continue Reading →

My Dad

My dad turns 56 today.Want to know a secret? I have the world's best dad.Some might think I'm exaggerating (especially if you read this post) but I'm not. He's the best. I'll tell you why.My dad made breakfast for our family every day. And this wasn't just a quick bowl of cereal ... it was... Continue Reading →

Party Like it’s 1978

Many of my friends are turning 30 this year. So it ought to be a year full of celebrations. What better way to start things off than kickin' it 70's style with fashions from the year we were born?My friend Suzanne, the birthday girl.Jared, of the incredibly tight pants. (Be thankful they're out of view.)And... Continue Reading →

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