It’s All In the Details

It's a drizzly, gray Saturday morning. It's not a depressing kind of drizzle, though. It's very peaceful. The perfect day to stay in my pajamas a read all day.(By the way, I just this morning finished the best book I've ever read. If you want a quick, easy yet deeply profound book, check out The... Continue Reading →

Dan Brown

A while ago I randomly stumbled across this guy Seth's blog. I don't know Seth. But a lot of his posts crack me up. The ones about Madonna are funny. And today's post is also really funny.I liked reading Dan Brown's books, but Seth's right. He's kind of crazy.

My Own Top 100

I love reading. I've loved it for as long as I can remember. Maybe it comes from growing up in a house without a TV. I don't know. But I tend to get addicted to reading. One of the things I love about being in the "real" world [read: not in school] is that I... Continue Reading →

A Quick Pop Culture Review

I know you're supposed to do stuff like this at the end of the year, but I was just thinking about this last night, so I thought I'd share ...Top 3 Movies I've Seen in the Last Year:OnceThe Kite RunnerBellaTop 3 Books I Read in the Last Year:Marley and Me by John GroganThe Shack by... Continue Reading →

The Appeal

I've been pretty sad all day about Heath Ledger. Really, it's weird how much his death has affected me. BUT. I received some happy news today ... John Grisham has a new book! This one is available January 29th. It's another lawyer novel. You can read the first chapter here.Grisham is my favorite author. I've... Continue Reading →


I know what you are thinking. You need a sign.What better one could I givebut to make this little one whole and new?I could do it; but I will not.I am the Lord and not a conjurer.I gave this mite a gift I denied to all of you - eternal innocence.To you she looks imperfect... Continue Reading →

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