The Battle for “Us”

Chris and I have been married for five and a half years. Recently (the past few weeks) I've had this feeling that we are under attack. There is a FrankPeretti-style spiritual battle raging for our marriage and my eyes are being opened to it. And as they are, I'm getting pissed. The dumbass devil thinks I'm going to sit back... Continue Reading →

2014: The Year I Quit Faking It

So about this time one year ago I wrote a post summing up my year. It was a look at the Giovagnoni family, raw and unfiltered. That unconventional approach to a Christmas letter seemed to resonate with some people, so here we go again. First things first. Big things in 2014 ... Cara started ballet. We... Continue Reading →

My Vicarious Trip to Ecuador

Chris and I are very different. We often marvel at how our marriage works when we are so completely opposite. There is one big thing we have in common, though. We both love to travel. And, I might add, for being so different, we travel quite well together. I so look forward to the day... Continue Reading →

I Thought I Had Seen Poverty …

Chris' time in Kenya is almost done. He'll be home in three days. To be honest, I've never looked forward to something so much in my life. Thursday couldn't come soon enough. Having him gone has been extremely difficult this time around.I have no idea why. Perhaps my fragile emotional state has something to do... Continue Reading →

The Pause at the Tippy Top

Fear not, my followers, I have not abandoned you! I've just been a little busy, is all.Actually, what I feel like is that for the past couple months I've been slowly chugging up a very tall roller coaster hill and now I'm perched at the very tippy top. You know how you actually pause for... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthdayversary!

Today is Chris' birthday. (Happy Birthday, Baby!)It also happens to be a year ago was our first date. (Happy Anniversary, too!)In honor of that, I will post my favorites of the engagement photos we took recently.Our friend Sara took the pictures. Aren't they great?

Wise Counsel

Chris and I have just begun pre-marriage counseling. We're meeting with a very wise, Godly man (who I know will read this because I'm writing about him - hey Doug!) and even though we've only met twice so far, I've already got lots of good stuff to process.I thought I'd share a few things I've... Continue Reading →

He Asked and I Said Yes

I have some exciting news. CHRIS AND I ARE ENGAGED!I know, right? I didn't see it coming either. Want to hear the story? (Warning: It's kind of long, so if you're interested in the details, read on. For you bottom line types ... he asked and I said yes.)The StoryChris and I have always thought... Continue Reading →

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