2014: The Year I Quit Faking It

So about this time one year ago I wrote a post summing up my year. It was a look at the Giovagnoni family, raw and unfiltered. That unconventional approach to a Christmas letter seemed to resonate with some people, so here we go again. First things first. Big things in 2014 ... Cara started ballet. We... Continue Reading →

A Good Friday for Kids

Good Friday always makes me feel a little sick to my stomach. Growing up, I wasn't even aware that it was a thing. We didn't get the day off school. All I knew about it was: Two days before Easter which meant two days until candy! It wasn't until I was an adult, working at... Continue Reading →

On Parenting

As the mother of a 16-month-old and another on the way, I've been thinking a lot of the kind of parent I want to be. How much do I shelter my kids from the world? How much do I let them learn things "the hard way?" How much do I protect them? What is my... Continue Reading →

Speaking the Truth

This video has been making its rounds on Facebook. I hadn't watched it, just assuming it was another overly-hyped video that had gone viral around my Christian-saturated Facebook world. But so many people commented on it, that I finally sat down to watch it.I'm so glad I did. I love it. This is TRUTH. And... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Fight Alone

I have an enemy, of this I'm sure. He hates me and wants me to fail. And sometimes I feel like he's very close to winning.It seems like the more I start to focus on what it is God's doing in my life, the more opposition I face. It's very hard to make any forward... Continue Reading →

The Day My "Faith" Fell Apart

I wondered what it was going to take for me to post again. It's been six months since I last wrote. Nothing major occurred which caused me to stop posting, I just stopped. I was a new mom. I am a grieving daughter. I am a growing wife. And while all these things provided an... Continue Reading →

MTV and Compassion

I know I already posted today, but gotta share this ...Check out the conversation happening on Compassion's Facebook page!Quite exciting, if you ask me. This kind of thing really fires people up! It's awesome to see so many people go from being lukewarm to fiery hot. Besides, as Paul says, "But what does it matter?... Continue Reading →

Holy #$%&!

Sometimes I find swearing funny. A well-timed curse word, especially from the mouth of someone who rarely swears, usually cracks me up.This post about Christians swearing is funny. I especially like the part about Tony Campolo.

Matt Lepsis

I read this incredible story this morning and thought it was worth sharing. Not only was I surprised at the story, but also at The Gazette for publishing something so blatantly evangelical.I love how God is in the business of redemption.


I spent over an hour last night looking through my blog posts from the past 11 months. I got very sentimental. It was a little like reading my journal - remembering where I was emotionally during different events and experiences. As I was reading, I had a really weird, almost out-of-body experience, kind of like... Continue Reading →

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