I Hate Politics

I'm sitting here on the couch in the middle of a mountain of political mail. For the last couple weeks I've been saving the flyers as they came in the mail intending to sit down and sift through them so I can educate myself on the issues and be an informed voter.My intention was to... Continue Reading →


I realize posting something like this is asking for a debate. But it moved me enough to post it anyway. I've never read a better explanation of why we should end the war in Iraq.Support Your Troops(This was written by Shane Claiborne after coming home from Iraq on a Christian peacemaking team.)On the way home... Continue Reading →

Can You Be Sexy and Modest?

Very interesting discussion on Anne's blog on modesty. Check it out and then come back because I have some questions for you.This whole modesty issue is something I struggle with as a single woman ... knowing where the line is. And the line is very fine, I think, between sexy and slutty. So how in... Continue Reading →

Skip’s Heart

My best friend got married young. I remember when she first told me about him. We were in high school driving up to Woodland Park and she couldn't stop talking about this guy. He worked in the mailroom where she worked. I met him a few days later at a Newsboys concert. And from that... Continue Reading →

The Church of Atheism?

If you have a few moments today, read this article recently published in New York Magazine. It really got me thinking about the idea of church vs. Church. And I realized I really don't have a clear understanding of this whole concept. But I want to.So what, exactly, is the Church? Or church? I'd love... Continue Reading →

Suicide City

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs. When I'm flying somewhere and the person in the seat next to me asks where I'm from, I can usually anticipate the kind of response I'll get. I've lived here for most of my life and I know what kind of reputation this city has. There are... Continue Reading →

Wrap your brain around this one …

Is Jesus more pleased with a theologically-messed person who actually does the things he says, or someone who's got the right answers, but doesn't follow?I've asked a similar question many times but never figured out where to land. Brant asks this after meeting a Muslim who loves and follow Jesus but does a much better... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Life

The Uganda blogging trip is wrapping up but the heart-wrenching posts just keep on coming. Here's some weekend reading for you ...Crying for my PovertyDo So EverydayMeeting my New DaughterAnd lastly ... THIS is what I call a sermon.Sponsor a child.


My pastor said something that really struck a chord with me today:"Satan has changed his tactics. He used to persecute the Church. Now he just makes the Church too comfortable."I totally agree.

The Man with the Red Truck

I have a problem ... See yesterday was driving home from work. It was about 4:30. The sun was getting ready to set in about half an hour. It was cold. The wind was blowing and it was snowing. As I was pulling up to this light near New Life Church, there was a guy... Continue Reading →

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