Mt. Herman, for reals this time.

Remember a while back when I wrote a post about hiking Mt. Herman? Well I lied. We actually didn't hike Mt. Herman, we hiked in Mt. Herman Open Space. (I should have known that seeing as the entire hike was flat.)Yesterday my friend Jamie and I hiked the real Mt. Herman. It was definitely not... Continue Reading →

Crooked Creek, Take 2

I have no idea what happened, but let's try this again ...I spent last weekend (well, two weekends ago, now) volunteering at a camp up near Winter Park. There was bloads of snow and so I had some fun with the camera.I've also tried out a few things I learned in Photoshop. (That program is... Continue Reading →

Mt. Herman Trail

Saturday was 72 degrees! Yes, that's right people, seventy-two. Record high.So we gathered the dogs (5 of them) and gathered the people (5 of them) and off we went ...We had one lab of each color (black, brown, yellow, tan and white) but it was hard to get them all in one photo.Havana learned to... Continue Reading →

When Costco Came to Town

Costco is here.If you were driving anywhere within 10 miles of the store last night, you would have known it. There were cars backed up for miles to get into the parking lot. Literally miles. Lines of cars from the South and from the North and from the West. (Probably from the East too, but... Continue Reading →

My Weekend in Photos

Friday morning very early I went went for a walk. There was a dense fog and visibility was only about a hundred yards. Everything was very muted and still. The only sound I could hear was the quiet squish of my crocs. The world felt very small and it felt like I (and my dog)... Continue Reading →


I love my job. One reason is because I get to help children in poverty. Another reason is because I have a flippin' sweet desk. Check out the view from my window this morning.

Weekend in Winter Park, CO

My small group rented a house in Winter Park for the weekend. Despite the almost non-stop snow, good times were had by all!Jade and I paint the town red.Some random boarders get on the bus for the slopes. I liked all the pink.Apparently hula hoopers are spotted frequently on the streets of Winter Park.Talk about... Continue Reading →

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