My Vicarious Trip to Ecuador

Chris and I are very different. We often marvel at how our marriage works when we are so completely opposite. There is one big thing we have in common, though. We both love to travel. And, I might add, for being so different, we travel quite well together. I so look forward to the day... Continue Reading →

This Is It

So, after ten years at Compassion, this is it.I always wondered what it would take for me to leave. See, in the beginning I hadn't planned on staying for more than two years. I thought I'd get my feet wet in the working world, get a couple years of work experience under my belt, and... Continue Reading →

I Thought I Had Seen Poverty …

Chris' time in Kenya is almost done. He'll be home in three days. To be honest, I've never looked forward to something so much in my life. Thursday couldn't come soon enough. Having him gone has been extremely difficult this time around.I have no idea why. Perhaps my fragile emotional state has something to do... Continue Reading →

Meet Elember

A hurricane hit El Salvador this past weekend. I know this because I have to report on it for my job. Whenever there's a crisis, my task list gets reordered around that crisis. So as I was going about my newly rearranged El Salvador-focused Monday morning To Do list, I opened Compassion's home page.And I... Continue Reading →


Nine years ago today was my first day at Compassion. Seriously? It feels like just last week I wrote this.It's been one wild ride!

MTV and Compassion

I know I already posted today, but gotta share this ...Check out the conversation happening on Compassion's Facebook page!Quite exciting, if you ask me. This kind of thing really fires people up! It's awesome to see so many people go from being lukewarm to fiery hot. Besides, as Paul says, "But what does it matter?... Continue Reading →

A Few Things

So I have several things to share so this is going to be one of those random stream of consciousness posts. Mkay? 1. This morning I had a very weird experience. I was sitting on the couch enjoying my coffee when I heard something crash into the sliding glass door. A few seconds later I... Continue Reading →

My Broken Heart

I wrote a post on Compassion's blog today about Slumdog Millionaire. I meant everything I wrote in it, but to be honest, I wrote it from an emotionally detached place. I'd encourage you to go read it before you read the rest of the this post ...Did you read it? What do you think about... Continue Reading →

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