God’s Timing

Chris and I recently discovered something about God's involvement in our story that totally blew us away.Check this out.The other night we were talking about many of our single friends. I mentioned how back in early 2005, I had a very revolutionary experience in my journey as a single woman. Being married was something I... Continue Reading →

He Chose Me

Every once in a while I get completely overwhelmed with the people that God has chosen to put into my life. Does that ever happen to you? It happened for me tonight. I haven't talked much about my boyfriend Chris on this blog. We were coworkers first before we were dating, and many of our... Continue Reading →

Dance Lessons

Chris and I have been taking dance lessons. West Coast Swing, to be exact. We're five weeks into the three month beginners class. After five weeks, here is the conclusion I've come to: Every couple should take dance lessons.I never realized this before, but dancing is perfect practice for a relationship. The things you have... Continue Reading →


Wow. Was this really just eight months ago? About six weeks after I wrote that I hung out with this new guy from work for the first time.Today is a day to reflect on what I'm thankful for. Want to know what I'm most thankful for this year? This ...


Can I be real with you for a few minutes? Thanks. I just need to bare my soul. It doesn't happen too often, at least not in public forums like this.A disclaimer: I'm writing this post mainly for my single friends. I decided to share it specifically for others that might be weathering a similar... Continue Reading →

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