Beware of the Grass Awn

Well, if you follow either Chris or me on Facebook, you know we've been through quite the saga with Havana. I'm happy to say, after 4 surgeries and over $1,000 in vet bills, it's finally over.[Warning: This is long. If you're only interested in the Cliff Notes version or photos, scroll to the end. Also... Continue Reading →

Punctured: A Snowy Sunday Story

We had our first real snowstorm of the winter today. I woke up this morning and looked out the window to find several inches of accumulation and lots of large, fluffy snowflakes falling.I got ready for church, bundled up and then took Havana out. She loves the snow and I like to take her out... Continue Reading →

Birthday Party, Doggie-Style

We're a bunch of single people and DINKs. We have dog birthday parties.Cause that's how we roll.Havana, ready to get her party on.The labs came in every color.This is Tucker. He and Havana are an item.Obviously.This was Belle's first party. Actually, her first anything. She just came home yesterday. What a way to start life.Toby,... Continue Reading →

The Life of Becky

I've had a couple friends mention over the last couple days that although we haven't talked much lately, they keep up on my life through my blog. So I figure I better post some stuff to keep them up to date.So Karen, Sara, (and whoever else might be interested in my life) ... this is... Continue Reading →

Section 16

Today we hiked a trail called Section 16. Kind of a weird name. (Sounds more like a place where they hide UFO's.) Sweet hike, but longer than we expected.Here you can see the back of the Garden of the Gods... Jamie and the Beckys. Can someone say Olan Mills?Havana ran around so much she must... Continue Reading →

Mt. Herman, for reals this time.

Remember a while back when I wrote a post about hiking Mt. Herman? Well I lied. We actually didn't hike Mt. Herman, we hiked in Mt. Herman Open Space. (I should have known that seeing as the entire hike was flat.)Yesterday my friend Jamie and I hiked the real Mt. Herman. It was definitely not... Continue Reading →

Boulder Crime Alert

Okay now this is just straight up wacked.First of all, that anyone would do this to their dog is a joke.And then that there would be a law in place by which to prosecute?!Finally the fact that they would actually issue the ticket is ridiculous.I can think of many people who are more deserving of... Continue Reading →

Mt. Herman Trail

Saturday was 72 degrees! Yes, that's right people, seventy-two. Record high.So we gathered the dogs (5 of them) and gathered the people (5 of them) and off we went ...We had one lab of each color (black, brown, yellow, tan and white) but it was hard to get them all in one photo.Havana learned to... Continue Reading →

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