My Weekend in Photos

Friday morning very early I went went for a walk. There was a dense fog and visibility was only about a hundred yards. Everything was very muted and still. The only sound I could hear was the quiet squish of my crocs. The world felt very small and it felt like I (and my dog)... Continue Reading →

Some Stuff I’m Thinking About

I'm having trouble putting my thoughts into any sensible order tonight. I sat down to write a new post and so far it's gone in about 17 different directions. So I'm going to stop trying to organize my thoughts and instead, simply write whatever comes to mind. Here we go...My dog is sick. Again. All... Continue Reading →

Dog Lovers Unite!

I noticed a new link on one of the blogs I regularly visit. Before April, I'm not sure I would have cared enough to post this link, but then this happened ...Needless to say, my perspective has changed.HT: Fay

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