The Day My "Faith" Fell Apart

I wondered what it was going to take for me to post again. It's been six months since I last wrote. Nothing major occurred which caused me to stop posting, I just stopped. I was a new mom. I am a grieving daughter. I am a growing wife. And while all these things provided an... Continue Reading →

Clinging to Hope

In my darkest moments of grief, I am bombarded by doubts. I find myself wondering whether it's all a sham ... this whole God thing. I miss my dad terribly and I want more than anything to see him again. I start to wonder if I want this so badly that I am willing to... Continue Reading →

This Is It

So, after ten years at Compassion, this is it.I always wondered what it would take for me to leave. See, in the beginning I hadn't planned on staying for more than two years. I thought I'd get my feet wet in the working world, get a couple years of work experience under my belt, and... Continue Reading →

The Comfort Zone

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today. So technically that means I'm full term. The baby could come any day and be fine. It could be today.The thought of being mom in a few weeks (or days!) is both incredibly exciting and totally intimidating. See, I'm by nature a comfort zone person. I like the idea of... Continue Reading →

God’s Timing

Chris and I recently discovered something about God's involvement in our story that totally blew us away.Check this out.The other night we were talking about many of our single friends. I mentioned how back in early 2005, I had a very revolutionary experience in my journey as a single woman. Being married was something I... Continue Reading →

A Journey of Faith

My brother Chris and his wife Valeen left today on a journey of faith - a six week trip to a clinic in Reno, Nevada. Basically, God is taking him up Mt. Everest, spiritually speaking. His faith and strength are being tested an a way I've never witnessed before.Chris has struggled for several years with... Continue Reading →


2009 years ago really isn't that long when you think about it. I've been thinking about it a lot today. I can't stop thinking about it. Do you know what was happening 2009 years ago right now? Jesus, a 33-year-old man from Nazareth, was on trial. It's 8:37 am, which means at this moment He... Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Mentor?

I have a question for you ... do you have a mentor? If you don't, have you ever thought about getting one? If you do, what has your experience been like?I just asked someone if she would be interested in mentoring me. We met recently in a small group study we were doing together and... Continue Reading →

Hope for Africa

My friend Katy is in Rwanda right now. God laid Africa on her heart a long time ago and she's always known that she would spend time there. It was just a matter of when. Earlier this year, she decided that it was time to go. So she booked herself a ticket to Rwanda. No... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Avoiding Sin

My friend Julie and I always have good conversations. Challenging conversations. This morning, in particular.We've been friends for several years. We first met on a camping trip in Telluride (a.k.a. Best camping trip. EVER.) a couple summers ago. Since then, we've attended the same church and have a lot of mutual friends so it was... Continue Reading →

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