A Tiny Little Burrito

Well, the news is out and all I have to say is ... FINALLY!See I have this little issue with keeping my mouth shut, especially when I'm excited about something. And it doesn't get much more exciting than this ...They told us a few weeks ago and it's been killing me to not say anything.... Continue Reading →

Party Time!

Tomorrow we have our party-for-the-wedding-that's-not-a-shower. There will be men there, specifically Chris, and I've been informed that men "don't do showers."So it's a ... party. Yeah. A party.I told him there would be lots of food there and that convinced him. He said he'd eat himself into a coma.Seriously, though, I'm finally getting excited! Things... Continue Reading →

Zach and Sara Get Married

Sara was gorgeous. The bride and the matron of honor.Bridesmaids.Me with my baby sister.Anyone want to guess how many "Are you next?" comments we got?The capes were our lifesavers.Micah had a matching suit.Siamese twins.Chris and his wife, Valeen.Bridesmaids. Sisters. Friends.Swing dancing.Dave and Ellie cut a rug.The fam.The wedding was perfect.

Thursday Thoughts

Well, that didn't last long. Apparently Anoop is gone. I didn't watch the show, but from the recap I read, I didn't miss much. In fact, with the new elimination format they are using, I can finally say that I'm so over American Idol. In other news, we leave a week from today for New... Continue Reading →

Christmas in January

Sorry I've missed a few days. I have a good excuse, though. Remember how sad I was that my sisters weren't here for Christmas? Well ... they were here this weekend!Micah met Uncle Chris and Aunt Valeen for the first time. He was obviously thrilled.We had waited to exchange Christmas gifts until everyone was together.... Continue Reading →

The Sach

My sister Sara got engaged a few weeks ago. She's getting married to this great guy named Zach. (Henceforth, they will be know as The Sach.)This last year, The Sach decided to move from San Diego to upstate New York. As my sister is now a resident of New York, engaged to a native New... Continue Reading →

I Win

I know everyone thinks that their nephew is the cutest but seriously?I win.Would you like to see the rest?

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