A Wedding Update

Wow, how is it Saturday already? Time is flying, people. Flying.Chris and I went to a wedding this morning for a girl that we work with. It feels very different ... attending a wedding after you're engaged. Before, every time I was at a wedding, I thought "Oh it would be fun to do this... Continue Reading →

Thanks, Taco Hell!

Based on my last experience with this eating establishment ... Taco Bell is giving away FREE food poisoning!Today between 2pm and 5pm. Be sure to pick you up some!P.S. That not-so-fun chalupa meal was six years ago. I haven't eaten there since.

Feelin’ Fall (by Chris)

I knew my brother could draw. I didn't know he could express himself so well through his writing, too. For all you fall lovers out there, this is for you ...I'm telling you. If it weren't for grilled cheese sandwiches, the world would be a much duller place. I love 'em. They brighten up my... Continue Reading →

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