Friends Forever Ever

This weekend my BFF and I have 48 kid-free, husband-free hours to catch up. We will drink margaritas and pig out on deep dish pizza. We will figure out how to make a cross country friendship flourish.

The Emerald City

I'm alive! (In case any of you were wondering.) I haven't driven off the side of a cliff or been eaten by a big hairy monster.We were on vacation in Seattle. We flew out to visit our buddies Robert and Wendy. It was a much needed time away from the craziness of life, work and... Continue Reading →

Hope for Africa

My friend Katy is in Rwanda right now. God laid Africa on her heart a long time ago and she's always known that she would spend time there. It was just a matter of when. Earlier this year, she decided that it was time to go. So she booked herself a ticket to Rwanda. No... Continue Reading →

On My Mind …

A little free association for this Wednesday morning. Welcome to my brain.My legs are jello. I went back to spin class this morning, for the first time in, oh ... three months or so. I used to go 2-3 times per week consistently. I had some pretty good motivation to get in shape back then.... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Day

Saturday was Gor. Geous. We hiked The Crags, a trail near Cripple Creek. This has to be one of my favorite hikes near the Springs. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Here are some photos. (It'll almost be like you're hiking with us.)Jamie and I are excited!Jamie and Chris gaze at the view.... Continue Reading →


Aloha from The Big Island! We made it here without any flight problems and have been living it up Hawaiian style. The Big Island is really the place to come if you want to experience Hawaii the way the locals do ... I've been very pleasantly surprised at the lack of tourists here. Even in... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Update

So. It's been a few days. But I have some news for you ...1. This is Hawaii week! (Ok, that's not news. I've already blabbed about it enough.) I've been checking the weather online daily, and although it's supposed to rain a lot while we're there, they keep adding more and more sunny days. WOOHOO!... Continue Reading →

Skip’s Heart

My best friend got married young. I remember when she first told me about him. We were in high school driving up to Woodland Park and she couldn't stop talking about this guy. He worked in the mailroom where she worked. I met him a few days later at a Newsboys concert. And from that... Continue Reading →

Section 16

Today we hiked a trail called Section 16. Kind of a weird name. (Sounds more like a place where they hide UFO's.) Sweet hike, but longer than we expected.Here you can see the back of the Garden of the Gods... Jamie and the Beckys. Can someone say Olan Mills?Havana ran around so much she must... Continue Reading →

Moo Dang, that was good!

A little over a year ago my friend Wendy and I started a monthly cooking night. The idea was that we would pick a type of ethnic food that neither of us had cooked before and learn how to cook it. We pick an appetizer, a few dishes, a typical drink and a dessert.For the... Continue Reading →

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