Old People Rock

This couple has been married for 62 years and he'll be 90 this year. They walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spotted a piano. Here is their impromptu performance.I'm shooting for that much fun after 62 years with my husband!ht: Suzanne Gosselin

My New Neighbors

They just built a Taco Bell right outside my front door. Literally. It's maybe a few hundred yards away from my couch. This is ironic, considering they're like my least favorite chain restaurant of all time. Now I must greet each day with a purple and orange neon sign. Taco Bell? More Like Taco Hell.

That Did NOT Just Happen

Wanna hear a funny story? Cause I have a good one for you.Cast of Characters:Chris - my fianceBrianne - a girl who works for Chris, a tiny little cute, bubbly blondeRandom Lady - a lady from Compassion's Marketing DepartmentFirst let me set the scene.For the past few months, every time this random lady passes Brianne... Continue Reading →

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Remember the literal videos I posted a while back? (The idea is that they sing what's actually happening in the music video.)Well, here's the newest one. And it's hilarious.

The Female Driver

Sometimes I have parking problems. I hate to admit it, but spatially speaking, I'm kind of dumb. I'm a good driver otherwise, but when it comes to parking, I have issues.This might be a bit of a generalization, but it seems to be a woman thing. Men might not be that good at multi-tasking, but... Continue Reading →

Bringing Sexy Back

Okay. I know I already posted today, but I have to post this. It's too funny not to.I'd like to introduce you to the Sexy People blog.You're welcome.(Thanks, Vince.)

Dan Brown

A while ago I randomly stumbled across this guy Seth's blog. I don't know Seth. But a lot of his posts crack me up. The ones about Madonna are funny. And today's post is also really funny.I liked reading Dan Brown's books, but Seth's right. He's kind of crazy.

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