This song and video are breaths of fresh air. This world needs more happy. Crank it up to 11 and dance!

An Evening with Becky

Wow, it's Thursday already? Where did this week go? Since the time changed and the days are warmer, I find myself living for 4:30. Every day. Don't get me wrong ... I like my job, but I LOVE summer evenings. I love leaving the office (where I've usually been cold for eight straight hours) and... Continue Reading →


Let us be determined to be happy;make the most of blessings that come to us;look on the bright side of everything.Cheerfulness is not always spontaneous,but bears cultivation.One who can carry a smiling face through a world where there are so many troubled hearts may unconsciously be a public benefactor;for “the merry heart doeth good like... Continue Reading →

The Beatles were right …

Money really can't buy happiness. Just ask this guy.So that got me thinking ... would winning the lottery be worth it?If you want to know my opinion, here it is: I think the lottery is a horrible waste of money and leads to debt, broken homes and massive disappointment. Even for the winners.

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