You Guys Are Smart Fellers

I thought a banyan tree looked like this:But apparently baby banyan trees look like this:Weird, huh?Here's a couple other interesting things about banyans ...Today, the banyan is considered sacred in India and Pakistan, where it represents eternal life because of its seemingly ever-expanding branches.Due to the complex structure of the roots and extensive branching, the... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Favorites

Rainbow FallsPololu Valley - this was my favorite place we went.Black Sand Beach in Pololu ValleyAkaka FallsWaipio ValleyIsaac Hale State Park BeachOnamea BayHot lava hitting the ocean.This arch was made when hot lava pouring into the ocean cooled.

10 Things I Learned in Hawaii

1. Safety is a personal issue. In Hawaii, you're pretty much free to do whatever you want, wherever you want. You can hike, swim, climb or jump anywhere. But you're on your own as far as personal safety is concerned. There are tons of very steep cliffs, huge rocks and strong rip tides. 2. Lava... Continue Reading →

Island Adventures

Rather than post my own stuff from Hawaii, I'm just going to send you over to Suzanne's blog for updates. I'll do a few on my own when we get home.We're off the beach.Mahalo and lots of aloha!Becky


Aloha from The Big Island! We made it here without any flight problems and have been living it up Hawaiian style. The Big Island is really the place to come if you want to experience Hawaii the way the locals do ... I've been very pleasantly surprised at the lack of tourists here. Even in... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Update

So. It's been a few days. But I have some news for you ...1. This is Hawaii week! (Ok, that's not news. I've already blabbed about it enough.) I've been checking the weather online daily, and although it's supposed to rain a lot while we're there, they keep adding more and more sunny days. WOOHOO!... Continue Reading →

I Need a Vacation

Sorry for the slowdown in postings lately. I was getting on a roll with regular posts but suddenly life is getting in the way. I've been a bit overwhelmed with it, to be honest. I have a new position at work ... I'm now a member of the web team. Okay you can stop laughing... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Three-O

I was thinking the other day about how 2008 is a big year for me. In June I will turn 30! And I think that's worthy of a celebration, don't you? (I distinctly remember when I thought 20 was SO old.) I thought of all the ways I could commemorate this occasion and three of... Continue Reading →

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