The Perfect Day

Saturday was Gor. Geous. We hiked The Crags, a trail near Cripple Creek. This has to be one of my favorite hikes near the Springs. We couldn't have asked for a better day. Here are some photos. (It'll almost be like you're hiking with us.)Jamie and I are excited!Jamie and Chris gaze at the view.... Continue Reading →

Section 16

Today we hiked a trail called Section 16. Kind of a weird name. (Sounds more like a place where they hide UFO's.) Sweet hike, but longer than we expected.Here you can see the back of the Garden of the Gods... Jamie and the Beckys. Can someone say Olan Mills?Havana ran around so much she must... Continue Reading →

Mt. Herman, for reals this time.

Remember a while back when I wrote a post about hiking Mt. Herman? Well I lied. We actually didn't hike Mt. Herman, we hiked in Mt. Herman Open Space. (I should have known that seeing as the entire hike was flat.)Yesterday my friend Jamie and I hiked the real Mt. Herman. It was definitely not... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update

Monday morning ... mmmmmm. Even with two cups of coffee, I'm having trouble getting started with this week. So in the meantime, would you like the Weekend Update? (If not, I'd suggest you stop reading. Now.)Friday night I went to a Wii/Karaoke party. It seems that I have God-given gift for Wii baseball. And now... Continue Reading →

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