On Depression

Every time I see the news that a celebrity took his own life, it is a sad reminder to me that depression is a cruel and indiscriminate enemy. It can – and often does – take us by total surprise, destroying the ones we think are least susceptible to it. Until a few years ago (six, to be... Continue Reading →

Relearning Love

Somewhere in the four and half years, amidst buying a house, having two children, mourning my dad, and starting a new job, I forgot how to love my husband. It actually surprised me that it took only four years. I'd heard about the "seven year itch" so I expected to have a few more years... Continue Reading →

On Turning 35

I'm 35 today. I was thinking yesterday about my last milestone birthday. I took a vacation to Hawaii with some friends. It was an awesome way to celebrate 30. But one of the reasons I decided to take a trip was so that I wasn't disappointed with whatever people did (or didn't) do for my... Continue Reading →

The Marathoner’s Spouse

We're up in Denver cheering my husband on in another marathon. (I think it's his sixth?) The Colfax Marathon. Well, we're not actually cheering him on yet. It's five minutes to 6. In the morning. He is currently in the corral waiting for the starting signal in five minutes. The kids are still asleep. When... Continue Reading →

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