JJ Heller

Hi guys. It's Friday! I'm so glad. Even though Monday was a vacation day and this was a shorter work week, I'm desperately in need of some down time. Who's with me? Anyway, I have a new music discovery to share with you - JJ Heller. She played last night with my friend Luke this... Continue Reading →

Mile High Memories

Yesterday was a day full of sun and music. John busted out some way old stuff. Both he and Ingrid Michaelson were amazing. I've seen John play three times now and been blown away every time. [Vince, you should go.]Here's a little taste of the day.

I’m Practically Famous

So I'm going to this music festival in July up in Denver.I'm very excited.Check out some of the bands who are playing:[My main man] John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, Brett Dennen, OneRepublic, Dave Matthews Band and more.But here's some fun news! One of my co-workers has a son in the band Rose Hill Drive.... Continue Reading →

Alexa, Ingrid and Joshua

The other night a couple friends and I went to a little dive down on South Platte for a Tuesday night concert.And I do mean dive. From the outside, the building looks like a crack house. I was a little skeered for my life as we waited in line. But inside, it's just a big... Continue Reading →

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