Missing God

Okay, I'm convicted. One of my new favorite reads these days is Pete Wilson's blog. He's funny, well-spoken, wise, relevant, and yet still writes with true humility. (Somewhat of a rarity among preacher/bloggers, I'm finding.) Anyway, his post really got me today. Read this.It's true what he says ...Each and every day the God of... Continue Reading →

Wowzas! (As my grandpa likes to say.)

I'm sure you know by now how much I love music. I especially love artists who play their own instruments. You might understand, then, how videos like this one blow my mind. Or how about this one? Yeah ... I know. ht: Carlos, Alex

This Ordinary Day

Have you guys heard of Thisordinaryday.com?Oh ... you haven't?Well. You're missing out. It's my new favorite blog.This post is one of my favorites.Straight from their site, here's what this blog is about:This project came to mind after a particularly rough time. I was spending too much time out of the day focusing on the hard... Continue Reading →

Andrew Johnston

Remember when Paul Potts, that cell phone salesman auditioned for Britain's Got Talent? And won? He looked like your Average Joe but then he opened his mouth and had this beautiful classical voice.If you thought that was inspiring, check THIS kid out.

He Knows Your Name

Want to see what Compassion looks like lived out?This is one of our artists from Compassion Netherlands meeting his sponsored boy.Get your kleenex ready ...Sponsor a child.

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