I Thought I Had Seen Poverty …

Chris' time in Kenya is almost done. He'll be home in three days. To be honest, I've never looked forward to something so much in my life. Thursday couldn't come soon enough. Having him gone has been extremely difficult this time around.I have no idea why. Perhaps my fragile emotional state has something to do... Continue Reading →

Buckle Up, Baby!

Heyyyyyy! Where have you been all my life? What's it been ... like two months?!Well, lots has happened since I last wrote.I guess the biggest news is that I'm pregnant! I know what you're thinking because it's the first thing everybody asks, and the answer is ... we weren't trying and we weren't not trying.... Continue Reading →

This should bother him …

So we have a new president.Yesterday certainly was a historic day. As I sat and watched President Obama get sworn into office, I couldn't help but feel patriotic and even a little proud to be an American.Later, I went back to my desk. As I started my daily routine of scanning the world news online,... Continue Reading →

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