The Ballet Lesson

Yesterday we had one of those experiences that we will remember forever. Certainly it was the highlight of our parenting adventure thus far. See, for months our daughter has been talking nonstop about ballet. She thinks about it constantly. She asks to wear her "ballet" dress almost every single day. She is constantly asking us to... Continue Reading →

So I Bought Skinny Jeans

My husband sent me on a surprise trip to Minnesota last weekend and I bought skinny jeans. Because that’s what happens when I hang out with my girls. I do stuff like buy trendy clothing. I've actually been wanting skinny jeans for a while, but never found ones I liked. Until now. (Thank you JC... Continue Reading →

19 Months and 10 Days

That's how long it took Cara to take her first steps. We have been waiting for this day for a long time, so when it finally arrived, it called for immediate celebration. We dropped everything and went out for gelato. (We thought that her first gelato was an appropriate treat for the little Italian.) When... Continue Reading →

Meet Elember

A hurricane hit El Salvador this past weekend. I know this because I have to report on it for my job. Whenever there's a crisis, my task list gets reordered around that crisis. So as I was going about my newly rearranged El Salvador-focused Monday morning To Do list, I opened Compassion's home page.And I... Continue Reading →


From the San Antonio News ...Air Force Master Sgt. Joseph Myers had only one wish while in the desert sands of Iraq: Get home before the end of his daughter's fourth-grade year.It almost didn't happen. Almost.On Thursday, the next-to-last day of class at Randolph Elementary School, the airman's wish came true.An emotional Myers, still dressed... Continue Reading →

John Mayer Indoctrination

This video was posted on John Mayer's blog. Now you all know that I'm a huge JM fan, but even I think this gets borderline creepy. What do you think? Is this some sort of weird child exploitation?

Andrew Johnston

Remember when Paul Potts, that cell phone salesman auditioned for Britain's Got Talent? And won? He looked like your Average Joe but then he opened his mouth and had this beautiful classical voice.If you thought that was inspiring, check THIS kid out.


A few months ago I was watching my friends' kids while they had a night out. We found the camera and decided to leave their mom and dad a little surprise ...The photos were discovered today.(The second picture of Ani makes me laugh SO hard.)

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