"I don't know the devil, but I have to assume that when he hears a Christian judgmentally proclaim, "That could never happen to me," he does what I do when I hear the Black Eyed Peas song, "Boom, Boom, Pow," and that is the robot. He absolutely loves when we say that."The Stuff Christians Like... Continue Reading →

Dan Brown

A while ago I randomly stumbled across this guy Seth's blog. I don't know Seth. But a lot of his posts crack me up. The ones about Madonna are funny. And today's post is also really funny.I liked reading Dan Brown's books, but Seth's right. He's kind of crazy.

Missing God

Okay, I'm convicted. One of my new favorite reads these days is Pete Wilson's blog. He's funny, well-spoken, wise, relevant, and yet still writes with true humility. (Somewhat of a rarity among preacher/bloggers, I'm finding.) Anyway, his post really got me today. Read this.It's true what he says ...Each and every day the God of... Continue Reading →

John and the Creepy Blue Horse

Today instead of reading my blog, you should read my friend Amber's post. It's stinking hilarious. And it's true. That horse is CREEPY.That's all. Goodbye. Actually wait. One more thing. Congratulations to John Mayer on his Grammy win. And even more props to him for this.

Are You Alive?

MAY I PLEASE HAVE EVERYONE'S ATTENTION?Thank you. Now, if you would all please follow me to my brother's blog.Stat.His post today is BRILLIANT. Very deep and yet so funny at the same time. (Oh and be sure to watch the video.) Then if you liked the post, leave him a comment. Hopefully this will encourage... Continue Reading →

Life Through My Lens

I've started a new blog. I'm calling it Life Through My Lens. It's my life in one photo a day.It seems a little crazy, I know, as keeping up with this one already takes a lot of time. When I originally started this blog a couple years ago, it was going to be a photo... Continue Reading →

I Am Second

January 22 will be a year since Heath Ledger died. Actors in Hollywood die all the time, but for some reason his death hit me harder than most. I remember reading the headlines about him, and feeling a profound sadness. I was sad for his fiance, sad for his little girl, sad for his family... Continue Reading →

Laughter is good for the soul.

One of my favorite bloggers has again written a post that cracked. Me. Up.You should probably stop whatever you're doing and read it.Right now.It's that funny.(This is especially for those of you - you know who you are - who failed to find the Dave Barnes videos particularly funny. If this one doesn't make you... Continue Reading →

The Dachshund

I'm busy packing up my desk today for our move to the new part of the building next week. While the location of my desk won't be quite as sweet as it's been in the past, our team will still be facing the mountains. Woot!Anyway, since I don't have much time to write today, I... Continue Reading →

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