When something is shattered sometimes the pieces are too small to put back together again. But that's just because you're looking at it wrong.

The Battle for “Us”

Chris and I have been married for five and a half years. Recently (the past few weeks) I've had this feeling that we are under attack. There is a FrankPeretti-style spiritual battle raging for our marriage and my eyes are being opened to it. And as they are, I'm getting pissed. The dumbass devil thinks I'm going to sit back... Continue Reading →

On Judgment

"When you live with someone whose eyes always mirror love, delight, acceptance … when you know you are cherished every moment of every day, it changes into the best possible version of yourself. And you have so much more to give the world, because your brain is no longer working so hard to simply try... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Marriage: 2 Months

Tomorrow will be two months since Chris and I got married. In some ways, it seems much longer than that. Especially when I think about how much I've had to learn. How much adjustment and change and growth has already happened. Getting married is the best and hardest thing I've ever done.I think the thing... Continue Reading →

Married Life and Such

Here are a few random thoughts tumbling around my head today...1. I love being married. It's so fun. It's like having your best friend over for a sleepover every night. Seriously, it's awesome. Don't get me wrong - it's work. Hard work. In some ways, harder than I ever anticipated. But SO worth it.2. Speaking... Continue Reading →

Wise Counsel

Chris and I have just begun pre-marriage counseling. We're meeting with a very wise, Godly man (who I know will read this because I'm writing about him - hey Doug!) and even though we've only met twice so far, I've already got lots of good stuff to process.I thought I'd share a few things I've... Continue Reading →

A Love Story

Being a big sister is hard. I know. I've been one for 28 years.When I was in college my brother was dating a girl that I didn't like. He had been dating her for several years and in my outspoken-pushy-big-sister sort of way, I had made it very clear to him that I didn't like... Continue Reading →

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