FW: FW: FW: Wal-Mart Scam

I'M PISSED.You know all those email forwards warning you about the latest scam? I always delete them. I assume it's just an internet rumor someone started at some point in the past. They're never true, though, right? And even if there is some ounce of truth, it only happens to those idiots who are stupid... Continue Reading →

The Beatles were right …

Money really can't buy happiness. Just ask this guy.So that got me thinking ... would winning the lottery be worth it?If you want to know my opinion, here it is: I think the lottery is a horrible waste of money and leads to debt, broken homes and massive disappointment. Even for the winners.

Mmmmmm … pears.

All the time I spend reading blogs has finally paid off! (Pun intended. O.P.J. to my family ... awww, yeah.)Occasionally when I read comments on other people's blogs, I will click on the person's name just to see where it takes me. The other day I randomly did so and it took me to The... Continue Reading →

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