My Moment with Mumford

A few days ago I had one of those moments. You know every once in a while when you have those few seconds where it seems that everything is just right with the world and God seems physically present? I was driving to an appointment in early afternoon. I was driving up a hill and... Continue Reading →

Hoopin’ In the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was filled with laughter as mine was.The night centered around yummy Italian food, raucous games of Twister and, of course, the Wii.And oh my goodness. Have you ever watched someone doing the Hula Hoop game on the Wii Fit? It's. Flippin. Hilarious.I'm leaving this afternoon to spend the... Continue Reading →

Weekend in Winter Park, CO

My small group rented a house in Winter Park for the weekend. Despite the almost non-stop snow, good times were had by all!Jade and I paint the town red.Some random boarders get on the bus for the slopes. I liked all the pink.Apparently hula hoopers are spotted frequently on the streets of Winter Park.Talk about... Continue Reading →

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