Movie = 0, Music = 1

Oh my goodness, it's hard to keep up two blogs! And even harder to do it and have a life, too. I put a few new photos on the photo blog, and later this week, I'm sure I'll have more from the wedding. Someone commented to me that most of my pictures lately have been... Continue Reading →

Oh Hey

Hello, blog friends. How was your weekend? Mine was good. It was snowy and cold here in The CO, so other than some quality dog walking time, I spent most of it indoors.We did go out on Saturday, though. You know what I think? Sushi and a movie = FUN. Who's with me?We saw Slumdog... Continue Reading →

Benjamin Button

Yesterday I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I give it one and a half thumbs up. If you enjoy interesting stories ala Big Fish or Forrest Gump, or you enjoy contemplating life, or you enjoy great acting, or you enjoy Brad Pitt, then you should probably go see this movie.Before I talk about... Continue Reading →

WALL*E and Mika

Tonight I went to see WALL*E. I'd read several blogs and reviews about this movie and everything I'd read was good, so although I didn't know much about it, I shelled out the $8.75.Ummm ... hmmm. Maybe I didn't get it. I mean, I got it loud and clear. The message couldn't have been more... Continue Reading →

A Quick Pop Culture Review

I know you're supposed to do stuff like this at the end of the year, but I was just thinking about this last night, so I thought I'd share ...Top 3 Movies I've Seen in the Last Year:OnceThe Kite RunnerBellaTop 3 Books I Read in the Last Year:Marley and Me by John GroganThe Shack by... Continue Reading →

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