This song and video are breaths of fresh air. This world needs more happy. Crank it up to 11 and dance!

My Moment with Mumford

A few days ago I had one of those moments. You know every once in a while when you have those few seconds where it seems that everything is just right with the world and God seems physically present? I was driving to an appointment in early afternoon. I was driving up a hill and... Continue Reading →

We Fly Acoustic Airlines

We fly Southwest Airlines almost exclusively. Traveling with a child, you can't beat their luggage policy. Now here's just one more reason we'll keep flying them ... I can hardly wait to see who's going to show up on our next flight! (If it were Mat again, I wouldn't be disappointed.) Who's the artist you'd... Continue Reading →

Stan Walker

Working at Compassion has it's perks. Yesterday was definitely one of those. Stan Walker, winner of Australian Idol, came to visit the headquarters and did a special chapel service.Now, to be honest, when I heard that an Idol winner was coming here, my immediate thought was Oh great. Another wannabe pop star who's using God... Continue Reading →

Covered in Rain

In the absence of time to write, I'm posting my favorite live version of my favorite song by my favorite singer.Right about 6:00 he kicks it into high gear. Oh my word.

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

I saw Michael Buble at the Wang Theater in Boston with my siblings a few years ago and it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.Guess what? He's got a new CD out!Here's the video for one of his new ones ... great stuff.He's kind of a goofball. But my word, the man's... Continue Reading →


A little something I discovered living in Spain. Besides sangria, a love for flamenco music was one of the best things I took away from those four months.So here's a little taste.What do you think?

Music is My Soul Food

Music.It makes me dance. It brings a smile to my face.It's one way God reveals Himself to me.There's a joy I find in music that I can't find anywhere else.But it's not just me.Watch how spontaneous singing on a French subway wins people over. What's your dance song of choice?

John on a Friday

It's Friday! That makes me happy.I can think of no better way to celebrate than some good tunes from my fave ... John, good to see you again. It's been far too long.(I DARE you not to get your groove on as you watch this.)

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