Zach and Sara Get Married

Sara was gorgeous. The bride and the matron of honor.Bridesmaids.Me with my baby sister.Anyone want to guess how many "Are you next?" comments we got?The capes were our lifesavers.Micah had a matching suit.Siamese twins.Chris and his wife, Valeen.Bridesmaids. Sisters. Friends.Swing dancing.Dave and Ellie cut a rug.The fam.The wedding was perfect.

Thursday Thoughts

Well, that didn't last long. Apparently Anoop is gone. I didn't watch the show, but from the recap I read, I didn't miss much. In fact, with the new elimination format they are using, I can finally say that I'm so over American Idol. In other news, we leave a week from today for New... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Thoughts

Yesterday's post was a heavy one. It's hard to know how to follow that. I think for tonight I'm just going to give you a few random thoughts going through my head right now...Chris took me tonight to this little French restaurant in Old Colorado City. It's actually an old house that's been converted into... Continue Reading →

The Sach

My sister Sara got engaged a few weeks ago. She's getting married to this great guy named Zach. (Henceforth, they will be know as The Sach.)This last year, The Sach decided to move from San Diego to upstate New York. As my sister is now a resident of New York, engaged to a native New... Continue Reading →

Clayken, Clothes and Vacation

Good Wednesday morning, blog world! How is your week going? Mine is going swimmingly. I think. (Actually I'm not sure what that word means. But I like how it sounds.)I just found out via another blog that Clay Aiken (or Clayken, as I've dubbed him) has confirmed he's gay. Not much of a surprise, I... Continue Reading →

It’s Pickin’ Time

One of my memories from our family vacations to New York was picking fresh fruit. Mmmmm....Sister #1Sister #2Sister #3 (plus an add-on)At the blueberry farm there this barn with a cool door.And one more photo of the little guy ... just 'cause.P.S. I can't believe it's August already. I think summer was shorter this year.

Albanys Calling

I'm off early tomorrow morning to fly to New York and see my sister and her hubs. And also my other sister. And her boy Zach. And my cousin Jillian. And her new puppy. And perhaps most exciting of all ... to meet the new man in my life.I'm flying Delta this time. Let's hope... Continue Reading →

Schenectady, Schmenectady

I'm in upstate New York right now visiting my sister and her husband. My baby sister. Who's very preggers at the moment. I flew out here now because:1. I wanted to see her with a big ol' baby belly and I'll be in Hawaii when she actually has the baby. So unless I see her... Continue Reading →

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