Life Through My Lens

I've started a new blog. I'm calling it Life Through My Lens. It's my life in one photo a day.It seems a little crazy, I know, as keeping up with this one already takes a lot of time. When I originally started this blog a couple years ago, it was going to be a photo... Continue Reading →

I Need a Vacation

Sorry for the slowdown in postings lately. I was getting on a roll with regular posts but suddenly life is getting in the way. I've been a bit overwhelmed with it, to be honest. I have a new position at work ... I'm now a member of the web team. Okay you can stop laughing... Continue Reading →

Oysters from the Land-Locked State

First off, I'd just like to say how much you guys all rock! Seriously, you're the best family/friends/acquaintances/total strangers a girl could ever ask for. I'm blessed.Just had to get that out there. Okay ... moving on.I joined the Photography Fellowship at my church. ("Fellowship" is Christianese for "Club.") Anywho, I've been looking for ways... Continue Reading →


This was a recent post on one of the photography blogs that I love. What a heartwrenching, beautiful ministry.I wish I still lived in Grand Rapids.Here's the blog post.Here's the Whispers web site.

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