Preggo Pictures

Well seeing as I [hopefully!] will not be pregnant for much longer, I figured I'd better hurry up and post a few of our preggo pictures. My cousin-in-law Preston took them for us and did a fabulous job! Here are a few of my favorites ...If you're interested, you can see the rest. Thanks, Preston!

The Comfort Zone

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today. So technically that means I'm full term. The baby could come any day and be fine. It could be today.The thought of being mom in a few weeks (or days!) is both incredibly exciting and totally intimidating. See, I'm by nature a comfort zone person. I like the idea of... Continue Reading →

That Did NOT Just Happen

Wanna hear a funny story? Cause I have a good one for you.Cast of Characters:Chris - my fianceBrianne - a girl who works for Chris, a tiny little cute, bubbly blondeRandom Lady - a lady from Compassion's Marketing DepartmentFirst let me set the scene.For the past few months, every time this random lady passes Brianne... Continue Reading →

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