The Grey Goose

We made it home from our road trip! Robert and Wendy are married and off honeymooning in Mexico.We had many adventures along the way. We picked up a new friend named Hugh. He was 100 ounces and could be refilled for just $2. Which we did ... many times.The most outrageous event of our trip,... Continue Reading →

Trip Tally

Minutes stuck behind 18-wheelers: 40Roadkill: 16Number of electronic gadgets being used: 14Missed exits: 2Tub of caramel corn consumed: 1Road trip with friends: PRICELESS

I Love Technologeeeee!

So here we are on our way to Minnesota. We're in the car in the middle of Nebraska somewhere. Other than a bunch of hay bales and a few rainstorms, there's not much around.I haven't been on a real road trip in a long time. Never have I been on a trip like this. We're... Continue Reading →

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