"I Was Runnig" -Forrest Gump

Attention everyone: I just ran my first 5K! For a self-declared "Not-Runner" I didn't do too badly. Officially my time was 30:13, but the start was very sketchy so I'm sure it was under 30 minutes.Here's a few photos ...It was Karyn and Carmen's first 5K too.Never tuck your shirt into your spandex pants. Never,... Continue Reading →

Horton, St. Patty and other random things…

Blogger is wigging out on me today. I had posted some pictures from the weekend yesterday, but today they were little red x's.GRRR.So instead of viewing the beautiful pictures you kiddies will have to use your imaginations. Anyway, I'm lookin' forward to the weekend! I have quite ambitious plans:I'm going to try to finish up... Continue Reading →

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