Can You Be Sexy and Modest?

Very interesting discussion on Anne's blog on modesty. Check it out and then come back because I have some questions for you.This whole modesty issue is something I struggle with as a single woman ... knowing where the line is. And the line is very fine, I think, between sexy and slutty. So how in... Continue Reading →

A tribute to my favorite day

What is it about fireworks?They make me smile for 45 minutes ... straight.They light up the night as bright as day.They shake me from the inside out.They symbolize our freedom.They make me feel like a five-year-old kid.They mean summer is in full swing.They go perfectly with the 1812 Overture.They bring out the patriotic feelings of... Continue Reading →

Lazy, crazy, hazy days …

This past Saturday was one of those summer days that you wish could last forever ... and a perfect day for some photos.Sometimes I think about moving to another state. Then I look at the sky and change my mind. Seriously. Good job, God. Suzanne in the evening sunlight...There's something rather fairy-tale-ish about lily pads...

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