Grand Slam

Denny's ran this ad during the Superbowl saying that they were giving away a free Grand Slam breakfast today.So of course, we were like, "For freeeeeeeee? Hook us up!"We arrived at 7am to a packed out parking lot and people coming out the doors. (I put a picture of the madness on my photo blog.)... Continue Reading →


Oh my goodness. Can anyone say exciting Superbowl?!? MAN. I didn't even care about either team, and I was still stressing!Bruce Springsteen wasn't bad. I'd put him above the Janet Jackson and Prince halftime shows, definitely. Bruce has got to be old by now but he certainly doesn't look as old as he should. Although... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Thoughts

Yesterday's post was a heavy one. It's hard to know how to follow that. I think for tonight I'm just going to give you a few random thoughts going through my head right now...Chris took me tonight to this little French restaurant in Old Colorado City. It's actually an old house that's been converted into... Continue Reading →

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