Portland: An Unexpected Adventure

Chris and I are in Portland, OR.We originally planned this trip in order to explore the city and surrounding areas before we moved here. We were going to choose a suburb, check out churches and possibly even look at houses to rent or buy.(The whole moving thing might come as a surprise, because we hadn't... Continue Reading →

So I Bought Skinny Jeans

My husband sent me on a surprise trip to Minnesota last weekend and I bought skinny jeans. Because that’s what happens when I hang out with my girls. I do stuff like buy trendy clothing. I've actually been wanting skinny jeans for a while, but never found ones I liked. Until now. (Thank you JC... Continue Reading →

Minnesota, Baby!

So here I sit at DIA. Alone. My rockstar husband surprised me with a weekend trip to visit my bestie in MN. So now I have three days to not change diapers. Three days to do whatever I want. Three days to eat uninterrupted and think of only myself. Its weird. I realized on the... Continue Reading →


Aloha from The Big Island! We made it here without any flight problems and have been living it up Hawaiian style. The Big Island is really the place to come if you want to experience Hawaii the way the locals do ... I've been very pleasantly surprised at the lack of tourists here. Even in... Continue Reading →

Hawaii Three-O

I was thinking the other day about how 2008 is a big year for me. In June I will turn 30! And I think that's worthy of a celebration, don't you? (I distinctly remember when I thought 20 was SO old.) I thought of all the ways I could commemorate this occasion and three of... Continue Reading →

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