Married Life and Such

Here are a few random thoughts tumbling around my head today...1. I love being married. It's so fun. It's like having your best friend over for a sleepover every night. Seriously, it's awesome. Don't get me wrong - it's work. Hard work. In some ways, harder than I ever anticipated. But SO worth it.2. Speaking... Continue Reading →


My wedding plans keep getting ruined by people who do it first and make the news, rendering any attempt at surprise completely useless.First, there was my idea* to have the wedding party dance down the aisle. But good thing someone else did it first cause we all know what a bomb that was.But now I... Continue Reading →

Details, Schmetails

Ohmigosh things are getting KER-AY-ZEE around here! I'm sure you can tell by the waning blog posts. I'm trying to keep up with everything, but dang. It's hard.12 days left, people. Twelve. That's it. One dozen.I went down to The Fine Arts Center today after work to nail down details and figure out the placement... Continue Reading →

Party Time!

Tomorrow we have our party-for-the-wedding-that's-not-a-shower. There will be men there, specifically Chris, and I've been informed that men "don't do showers."So it's a ... party. Yeah. A party.I told him there would be lots of food there and that convinced him. He said he'd eat himself into a coma.Seriously, though, I'm finally getting excited! Things... Continue Reading →

The Pause at the Tippy Top

Fear not, my followers, I have not abandoned you! I've just been a little busy, is all.Actually, what I feel like is that for the past couple months I've been slowly chugging up a very tall roller coaster hill and now I'm perched at the very tippy top. You know how you actually pause for... Continue Reading →

A Wedding Update

Wow, how is it Saturday already? Time is flying, people. Flying.Chris and I went to a wedding this morning for a girl that we work with. It feels very different ... attending a wedding after you're engaged. Before, every time I was at a wedding, I thought "Oh it would be fun to do this... Continue Reading →

It’s All In the Details

It's a drizzly, gray Saturday morning. It's not a depressing kind of drizzle, though. It's very peaceful. The perfect day to stay in my pajamas a read all day.(By the way, I just this morning finished the best book I've ever read. If you want a quick, easy yet deeply profound book, check out The... Continue Reading →

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