The Art of Failure

Failing well is an art. I know that because I don’t do it very well. I’m trying to teach my kids how to fail well but I can’t teach them something I don’t know myself. So we are all learning together.


"There is peace in the waiting. A sacred beauty in creating the pause." Peace is the focus of week two of Advent.


Is there anything we need more this year than hope? I seriously doubt it. Today we begin observing Advent, and this week we focus on hope.

My Pandemic Life

Eight months into this pandemic, we're on the doorstep of the holidays, and I'm exhausted. All the resiliency and adjustment that 2020 has asked of me ... I'm so over it.

The Spirit and the storm.

Spirit. You move. You breathe. You wait. You are polite. You don't interrupt. You wait to be invited in. Your whisper is there for me if only I would listen. If only I would pay attention. Quiet the noise.

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