The Spirit and the storm.

Spirit. You move. You breathe. You wait. You are polite. You don't interrupt. You wait to be invited in. Your whisper is there for me if only I would listen. If only I would pay attention. Quiet the noise.

719 Ride. It’s a thing.

Sometimes you have an idea and you act on it and it lives a short life and then dies. And sometimes you have an idea and you act on it, and it takes on a life of its own and becomes a thing.

The Road and The Path

I am on a road, like a highway. It continues straight on into the distance. It's a clear road, not too many bumps, easy and unobstructed. Off the side of the big road is a tiny curving path.

Unemployment Eve

I’ve been dreaming about dreaming for a while. But the actual dreaming … that’s a whole new ball game. I don't know yet what my post-employment life will look like yet but I'm hoping it will include lunch with Bob Goff.

This is My New

I've been at this place before in my life ... the fork in the road with one sign marked "What if?" But I've never before had the courage to follow it. This time I am.


I find a lot of meaning in personalizing scripture - putting myself into the narrative. And Good Friday is always a very contemplative day for me. So here's where I am today.

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