The Box

The thing about pain is that it doesn't go away when it's ignored. It gets hidden, stuffed away in a box at the very back of the heart's closet and for a while forgotten about. But it always finds its way out eventually.


When something is shattered sometimes the pieces are too small to put back together again. But that's just because you're looking at it wrong.

I’m Calling It A Miracle

I've known since the moment I had kids that I had to hold them loosely. That tomorrow is not guaranteed. But knowing that and actually doing that are two very different things.

On Prayer and Helplessness

Some of our best friends found out this week that their four month old baby girl has a brain tumor. Did you get that? Four months old. Brain tumor. Those things shouldn’t even be together in a sentence. I'm sharing my struggle with prayer and helplessness on the Ladies First blog.

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