Thus Ends the Vacation

Inhale. Hold … and exhale slowly. Ahhhhh. Twelve sweet days of vacation. And for once, I actually went on vacation … no checking email. No talking – or even thinking – about work. It was glorious!

I’m back at work now and digging out from a mountain of email. But in the meantime … here are the last of the vacation photos. First, one final photo of Micah. (Sorry for being the crazy aunt who posts one zillion pictures, but I seriously can’t get enough of him.) He has a perpetual look of surprise on his chubby little face. The kid’s a real life cartoon.

These are from our time in D.C., which is a surprisingly beautiful place. Here we are in the glass house in the Hirschhorn Sculpture Gardens.

They had statues that looked just like us. Weird, huh?

Then we ran into some famous people at Union Station. They wanted their picture with Chris.

My favorite.

Here I am acting like the Washington Monument.

The new WWII memorial is beautiful.

We ended the trip with dinner at an authentic Ethiopian restaurant. Which, judging from a previous injera experience I thought would be gross. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Now ends the photo diary. Thanks for indulging me. Tomorrow I shall resume posting on whatever random topics happen to be on my mind (doing my best to avoid overdone issues such as the financial crisis, the election and climate change.)

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