A Good Gift

Giving a good gift is a fine art. Anyone can give a gift, but not anyone can give a good gift.

A good gift is one that is unexpected.
A good gift is one that shows the giver really knows you.
A good gift is one that involves a significant investment of thought, time or effort (a sacrifice.)

My husband’s a really good gift giver.

He is a contrarian, and therefore hates doing the expected. Very early on in our marriage, I learned that dropping hints to him about gifts I’d like basically has the opposite effect … anything I hint at is immediately added to his rejected gift idea list.

Now here are a few things you need to know about me:

  1. I love music. Music has this weird ability to move me. I connect with songs a lot. I guess you could say music speaks to me on a soul level.
  2. I’m a “words” person. What people say matters to me. A lot.
  3. I’ve always had this secret dream that someone would write a song for me. When I fell for Chris, I knew that his [lack of] musical ability meant giving up my secret dream. And I was totally okay with that. I gained SO much more than I gave up.

So my husband, gift giver extraordinaire, found a way to give me a gift that acknowledged all of these things about me.

One quick little story to give you some background. When Chris and I were dating, he one day said, “I wish I could make a living loving you.” (Because when you’re dating you say ridiculously sappy things to each other.) I told him that sounded like it should be a country song. And then I promptly forgot about that conversation.

Here we are four years later. We just spent a couple days in Boulder to celebrate our fourth anniversary. His gift to me? A song. Written about us.

Um, yeah. Pretty much the coolest gift ever.

I mean, seriously. Who else has a song written for their anniversary?!

Oh and this wasn’t just an iPhone created auto-tune. Justin McRoberts (singer, songwriter, pastor, blogger) wrote and sang the song. It was in support of his CMYK project, which, by the way, you should definitely check out.

So without further ado, I give you the newest country single:

The gift bar is now so impossibly high that from here on out, Chris is screwed.

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