So check it out. I may be behind the cyber-trend a little bit, but yesterday I came across the BEST web site I’ve seen in a long time! It’s called Shelfari … an “interactive social media site for book lovers.” As if I needed to belong to another online community (read: the Black Hole of my leisure time.)

Basically, you can form an online community of friends who love books and share reading recommendations, list and rate books you’ve read, have discussions … the opportunities are virtually limitless!

I just built my shelf. The books you see above are on my Top 10 list.

I am inviting all of you, my blog friends, to join me in this community. Create a profile and then request me as a friend so we can share in some book-lovin.

I love technology.

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  1. Also a huge fan of Shelfari! Partly b/c i work there, but also b/c i am a self-proclaimed bookworm (Even though my shelf won’t show it). My Shelfari name is schaufferwaffer…befriend me!There will be a cool new widget coming out in the next month for bloggers, so make sure to keep an eye out for it.Happy Reading!

  2. Look at you…already catching the eye of a Shelfari staffer. Truly, you are a marketing department’s best friend with your heart-felt endorsement to your very large online friend community.Black hole indeed…you sucked me in! I spent hours today creating my Shelfari profile and shelf…and realized that my “fun reading” has been grossly neglected for years. I figured no one would be interested in a shelf-full of psychopathology and developmental statistics. Good think I have a month before year 2 of grad school starts so that I can dive in to some fun titles before being sucked back into the DSM-IV.I’m excited to be your newest Shelfari bookworm buddy!Sara

  3. I am so unworthy of that technology. I’ve been trying to read The Kite Runner since it came out. I have about 10 books I want to read and then, last week, a friend gave me a stupid romance book that I *loved* — finished it in a day — and now I’m even further behind. (Sigh) Heaven is a place with lots of books 🙂

  4. I hate admitting that I sometimes read romance novels but this I actually liked Strieker’s Bride. It’s the book I finished in one day. It filled with lots of analogies and though the plot is a bit unrealistic (aren’t they all in these books?) it somehow held my interest. The author’s blog is on but I suck at posting HTML in comment boxes so I can’t link to it 😦

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