He Knows Your Name

Want to see what Compassion looks like lived out?

This is one of our artists from Compassion Netherlands meeting his sponsored boy.

Get your kleenex ready …

Sponsor a child.

8 thoughts on “He Knows Your Name

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  1. What’s the deal with making me cry at work!!??I’ve seen that video twice now…and both times…the water works! I’m so glad we work for a ministry that is making a difference in the lives of kids like that little boy. Amazing what God can do with us, huh?tim

  2. If this video doesn’t inspire people to sponsor I don’t know what will. It’s a reminder of how blessed each of us truly are. My husband and I became sponsor through Compassion in February of this year. He’s only three and in our short time together has touched our lives more then we’ll ever touch his.Thanks for the post.

  3. Laura, we first saw this video in one of our chapel times and it totally wrecked me. I think it explains Compassion’s ministry better than words ever could.

  4. Oh, wow. How overwhelming for that precious little boy. I hope he can hold tight to that feeling of being loved and it will give him courage and hope and strength.

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