My Mom

It’s my mom’s birthday today.

She and I have always shared a special connection. I don’t know if it has something to do with me being the oldest child or first daughter or if it’s something more … supernatural. All I know is that my mom and I share a bond like I have with no one else.

I first noticed this when I was at college (in Michigan) and she was here in Colorado, and we had bad days on the same day. I’m not kidding. It sounds weird even now as I write it, but it’s the truth. We were connected.

My mom is a math genius. I breezed through algebra, geometry and calculus thanks to her. Okay maybe I didn’t “breeze” through. But she was always willing to help me out when I needed it. She would stay up late helping me study for a test even though she got up at 4am.

She also has a gift for learning languages. She’s learned (at one time or another) French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, and Greek. I’m sure there are others that aren’t listed here.

My mom makes the BEST chocolate sauce ever. She makes it from scratch. She loves chocolate. And she spread that chocolate infatuation to her family. Vanilla is for weenies.

When we play games with Mom, we have to bring our A Game. Because it’s VERY difficult to beat her. At anything. But it’s fun to try.

My mom made us each a “tote bag” for our looooong road trips to NY. She actually sewed the bags. Then she’d fill them with special treats, new games, books and other things to keep up occupied for the hours on the road.

On the road trips, it was always mom who was noticing and appreciating God’s creation. Remember, guys? “Hey kids, look at that beautiful blade of grass!”

My mom always laughs when we tell “your mom” jokes. She cracks us up with her “mom-isms.” “Get in the way high,” “clear a path,” and “for cryin’ in the beebop” were all invented by my mom.

She is the most devoted, determined person I know. We never, ever doubted for one second that her family is her number one priority.

I couldn’t ask for more in a mom.

Happy birthday, Mom!
I love you.

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