Paging Jack Bauer

I watched a few minutes of the Democratic National Convention on TV last night. Did any of you see it? Didn’t it feel a lot like a pep rally from high school?

Anyway, they interrupted the broadcast with breaking news about two men who had been arrested for plans to kill Barack Obama while he was giving his acceptance speech on Thursday. Apparently the shooter had planned to use a high powered sniper rifle from the top of a nearby building.

Um … does this sound familiar to anyone?
I’m thinking 24, Season One.

The first season takes place in LA on the day of the presidential primary, when politician David Palmer is set to be nominated for candidacy. Jack and his elite team of agents discover a plot on Palmer’s life, and they have the next 24 hours to track down the perpetrators before they have the chance to execute their plan.

Pretty creepy. I wish Jack Bauer was real.

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